Maria Bermejo

I went to see a Dr. Orellana was beautiful person and my feet pain immediately resulted.Thank you so much for your services and God bless you.

Elizabeth Rencher

The staff and Dr. O. Galvez were excellent, and knowledgeable. My experience with the team was great.

Rebeca Guajardo

The staff and doctor are amazing!

Vanessa Sanchez

Very friendly staff! Great service!!

Sulley Garcia

Dr. Orellana did a great job on diagnosing my issue and providing me with solutions.


I went to see Dr. Buitrago due to my toe nail bed being a little swollen. She told me what was wrong, drained the issue and sent me on my way. I had gone to Urgent Care a couple of weeks before where I specifically had asked if the problem needed to be drained and the nurse practitioner had told me no and just prescribed me antibiotics but the problem didn't go away. So I appreciate that Dr. Buitrago didn't have a problem draining it.

Suze Ola

Great experience!

Judy Gueringer

I had Plantar Fasciitis and Dr.Buitrago did this injection on me in 2009 and I haven't had any problems since and it's 2022. I appreciate her so much for relieving me of that pain I had tried everything but after that injection it's been GREAT! Thank You Dr. Buitago I will always remember this.

Alyssa Villafranco

Love Dr. B, I am very particular and went Dr. shopping for my surgery here in Houston and she was straightforward, honest, and gave me the option to remove hardware. She's been doing this work for over 20yrs didn't try and overcharge me. She's up to date on her research in the field and advised it's best to remove hardware if possible.

I'm 5 months post operation glad to be running and swimming again without pain. Glad I went with her. 10/10 would recommend!

Alekhya Yalamanchili

Dr. Buitrago is fantastic, punctual, and super friendly. She fixed my medical concern with ease. She’s very professional and her office is clean as well as aesthetically pleasing. Her front office staff and Medical assistant were all nice and pleasant. Will definitely be recommending them to friends and family and would come back here with no reservations!!

Raul Ramos

Dr. Buitrago is just an awesome foot specialist!! Very knowledgeable, very patient, and caring doctor! I highly recommend her to anyone who is having foot problems! Oh, also her medical staff and office staff are just awesome people!

J. Luna

Dr. Buitrago has been a Blessing, she's professional, extremely caring and highly recommended.

Gregory Rodriguez

I have been to her office several times and decided on the stem cell approach. Her staff is great and she is an amazing doctor. Great bedside manners and she listens to find the best approach. Highly recommend her.

Renee Rodriguez

She is a wonderful doctor and person. She helped my mother. Most of all, she listens to her patients.

Jarod Hogan

The team at Dr. Buitrago's office and Dr. Buitrago herself are an amazing group of people. They are professional, and friendly, and explain what they're doing when working with you.

James Lund

Dr. Buitrago and the staff are kind and very professional. Doc was extremely thorough with my neuroma and fixed it easily while in the office. In and out in 30 mins. Not a lot of waiting. The office is clean and comfortable. Parking is easy.

Stephanie Colunga

I actually came to Dr. Buitrago on 1/13/2020 and had a great experience! I was seen within 15 minutes of arriving. I had a pesky ingrown toenail that I had been dealing with for several months and finally decided to get it taken care of. Dr. Buitrago took care of it for me and I had no issues during or after removal. She is so nice and professional I definitely recommend her!

Samaria T. Glenn

I went to her office for a second opinion because I was told that I needed surgery for a toe fracture & torn ligaments. The other doctor wanted to sell me a very expensive boot & knee scooter and was ready to sign me up for surgery immediately. After a second x-ray and MRI was done, it showed no fracture or torn ligaments could be found. Dr. Buitrago took her time explaining to me her diagnosis and I truly appreciated the professional treatment by the doctor and the office staff for getting me an appointment so quickly. I would certainly recommend this facility for any future foot problems.

Alicia Wynn

My experience has been exceptional. I had foot surgery on my left (3/5 toes) in December 2018 and every step of the way Dr. Buitrago has been patient and easy to talk with about my surgical process. She thoroughly explains and welcomes any questions I have. I am very happy with choosing her as my doctor. Knowledgeable, experienced with a gentle disposition, and my foot looks amazing.

Jill McLaughlin Allen

She is as kind as she is professional. She did bunion surgery on both of my feet as well as replaced/repair 4 hammer toes. It has been 8 years and I have never had a single complaint. I cannot say how pleased I was to be able to wear shoes comfortably, let alone sandals after years of hiding my feet. I have been in the health care business for over 27 years and highly recommend her!

Sherry Van Pelt

I had bunions removed on both feet and other procedures are done on my feet by another doctor. I ended up with a blotted job. Scares and leaving my big toe on my left foot where it was in limbo. I could not wear scandals because the big toe could not close to grasp the sandal strap. Also not able to wear any open-toed shoes or heels because there was such a big gap between the big toe and second toe that you could put a sixth toe in between. My big toe would hang out of any open-toed shoe, I was totally embarrassed!! I could not go barefoot in from of anyone, so I was limited to many things, even going to the swimming pool. So I suffered needlessly for many years and had seen many well-known doctors. No one seem to know or cared to find out why this happened and how to correct this problem. Then one day I saw an advertisement on TV where doctor Maria M. Buitrago was with a team of doctors. Thought I'd give it one more try, I was so overwhelmed and devastated. Dr. Maria Buitrago, looked at my footy and did an X-ray then came back with her diagnosis, immediately!! She replaced the joint in that big toe and went through an old scare not to add more scares on my feet. Thank God for her, she gave me my life back again. I have never had ANY problems since. Dr. Buitrago was God-sent to me. She is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met and takes her time and listens to you. I HIGHLY recommend her. Again thank you, Dr.Marie Buitrago!!!

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